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Within one to two days of the scheduled transport, use one of the directories below to call the appropriate Partners HealthCare facility receiving area. Some receiving areas may require a two-day notice.

During the call, please provide the details of your patient’s travel including any arrangements for a clinical escort.

The receiving area may also ask questions including:

  • Did you answer “yes” to any of the seven Pre-Transfer Safety Screen questions?
  • Will you be sending an escort with the patient?
  • Does the patient require glasses, dentures or hearing aids?
  • Does the patient require an interpreter?
  • Does the patient require Isolation precautions?
  • Is the patient at risk for aspiration?
  • Can the patient walk three steps?
  • Is this a bariatric patient? What is the patient’s weight?
  • Has the patient eaten today?
  • Do you have any concerns about the patient traveling?

After your patient’s appointment, we will complete a visit summary and arrange return transport to your facility.

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